Hi, my name is Gary Willoughby, i live in York, UK and I’m a software engineer.

I indulge in the craft of software development as a creative endeavor and i love the challenge posed by problems all software developers face. I’m also someone who likes to do things properly, so where possible i always adhere to best practices and good coding standards. I read a great deal of books on software development and continue to hone my craft, hopefully improving year on year as i learn to be more professional and robust in my approaches to software problems.

A few years ago i wrote a book titled PureBasic – A Beginner’s Guide To Computer Programming which uses the PureBasic language as a platform to teach beginners how to program computers and how to create their own applications and games. I was quite shocked by its popularity and after a lot of community persuasion decided to release it under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.

Why write a blog?

This blog is where i can rant and rave about all the different aspects of software development, save code and ideas for later and somewhere where readers and i can both learn from each other. What better way is there to reach other like minded developers than to keep a journal of ideas and thoughts that hopefully will help our community as a whole. Plus, it’s also a storage facility for me, so i don’t forget this stuff!

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  1. Hi Gary,

    Quick silly question: is there a way to subscribe to your blog? In case you post new stuff.


  2. Hi Gary,

    I did a small search for you after I discovered your nice, but now very old, book about PureBasic. As an experienced .NET developer myself I was looking something else that brings back memories to the old times when programming was fast, fun and challenging. The days of Turbo Pascal 3 and squeezing something useful in 21KB memory ;) . That’s the reason I’m repeatedly looking at PureBasic and found your great book. I also later saw your last “farewell” post on the forum. I guess you don’t use PureBasic anymore :) . I also can forget to ask you if you would ever update the book ;) .

    • I think some others took over updating the book to keep it current. If you want to try another simple language try Go. I guess it’s the new Basic. ;)

      • Well, I wasn’t exactly looking for something “simple”. It’s just that I dislike fat IDE/RAD tools like VS and most “C-like” syntax languages. It’s a personal taste, but for me a BASIC/Python syntax is what I prefer.

        As PowerBasic is dead, PureBasic seems to be the only good BASIC compiler left (besides VS). Yes, it will have its quirks, but as far as I can tell until now (just beginning with it) it’s not bad at all.

        It seems that your book was never updated; that is in English (German version was updated). It’s a great book. Hope you’ll update it someday …. guess not, right ;)

          • Thx. Looked at it but not my cup of tea. I want a mature language (>= v1.x) and PB’s syntax is more comfortable for me personally. Somehow I’m attracted to PB despite its shortcomings or some weird syntax choices. As said before it reminds me of the good old Turbo Pascal 3 :) .

  3. Gary — great blog. Marc, I’m surprised you didn’t take a look at ‘go’ as Gary recommended. I realize it has a ‘C’ like syntax (on purpose), but it is a very powerful language. You may want to read the FAQ at golang.org. That’s where it all started for me. I’ve been teaching and programming in C/C++ for over 20 years, and go(lang) has proved itself to be both modern and powerful.

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