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Managing Programmers by Douglas Crockford

This is an excellent overview on how to manage programmers, what problems they encounter and what they need to be productive.

Programmers are not like the other kids. They cannot and should not be managed like normal people if your intent is to produce high-quality software. The things you would do to make the process go faster will actually make things go slower. This video will give you insight on the care and feeding of programmers, computer scientists, software engineers, developers, coders, and hackers.

The D programming language by Walter Bright

This is a good introduction to the D programming language by none other than the author himself. I’m a big fan of D and thought i would share this to educate any other interested developers.

The D Programming Language combines modeling power, modern convenience, and native efficiency into one powerful language. D embodies many new ideas in programming languages along with traditional proven techniques. Filmed at Lang.NEXT 2012, a cross-industry conference for programming language designers and implementers on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. With three days of talks, panels and discussion on leading programming language work from industry and research, Lang.NEXT is the place to learn, share ideas and engage with fellow programming language design experts and enthusiasts. Native, functional, imperative, object oriented, static, dynamic, managed, interpreted… It’s a programming language geek fest.

Does branding matter for software?

Steve Yegge presents his keynote: How to Ignore Marketing and Become Irrelevant in Two Easy Steps. From O’Reilly Media’s Open Source Convention, July 26, 2007.

This is one of the best software talks i’ve seen which deals with the problem of software branding. Give it a watch and then ask yourself, does your software project need to worry about branding?

JavaScript – The Good Parts

This is a Google Tech Talk which everyone who’s using Javascript should watch. In this video Douglas Crockford explains the good and bad sides to Javascript and highlights very good tips for Javascript development.

JavaScript is a language with more than its share of bad parts. It went from non-existence to global adoption in an alarmingly short period of time. It never had an interval in the lab when it could be tried out and polished. JavaScript has some extraordinarily good parts. In JavaScript there is a beautiful, highly expressive language that is buried under a steaming pile of good intentions and blunders. The best nature of JavaScript was so effectively hidden that for many years the prevailing opinion of JavaScript was that it was an unsightly, incompetent abomination. This session will expose the goodness in JavaScript, an outstanding dynamic programming language. Within the language is an elegant subset that is vastly superior to the language as a whole, being more reliable, readable and maintainable.

Douglas Crockford