Little Blocks Mod for Minecraft


Little Blocks Mod for Minecraft

Probably the best mod out there for Minecraft 1.2.5 is the Little Blocks Mod. Developed by VengeurK, his mod allows you to create clocks 1/512 of the size of a normal Minecraft block, i.e. the blocks are an eight time shorter in length.

This means every thing looks quite detailed. However, this mod doesn't take away the regular sized blocks. It just adds the option to create mini blocks of every block in Minecraft.

This means that your redstone circuitry can be condensed into a really small size. To connect mini redstone blocks, you need to use something which is not a wire (for example a torch, repeater etc.) else your game will crash. This mod adds a remarkable potential for you to build buildings and structures in a way you have never done before.

Here are the steps to create a mini block:

1. Put dirt into crafting table.
2. An unnamed object is created; place it on the target block.
3. The block will reduce to 1/512 of the normal size.
4. To extend your block, place your unnamed object on the same block.
5. However if they are next to each other, simply place the previous block on your miniblock.
6. This creates another miniblock. This way you can place the unnamed object and create the mini blocks wherever you want.

It is not recommended to use this mod with the water, bed and crops blocks since the mod is buggy and will crash your game. This mod is compatible with the latest stable version of Minecraft: 1.2.5 and even with OptiFine. The mod is compatible with survival multiplayer mode of the game. However, certain items like pistons, signs, chest etc. are not affected by the mod.

The mod is back compatible up to version 1.1 of Minecraft.

Instructions for Installing the Mod Little Blocks 1.2.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5 Client

1. Make sure to install Modloader and ModLoaderMP first
2. Download the .zip file of the mod and copy all its contents into the minecraft.jar file
3. Proceed to delete the META-INF folder after copying the files
4. Enjoy the game!

Instructions for Installing the Mod Little Blocks 1.2.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5 Server

1. Install ModLoaderMP
2. Copy the files from the .zip file into the minecraft_server.jar
3. Do not delete the META-INF folder
4. Run your Minecraft server