Minecraft Railcraft Mod


Minecraft Railcraft Mod

The RailCraft Mod is both available in single player and multiplayer modes on Minecraft 1.2.5. This mod has been developed by CovertJaguar and gives you the ability to lay down tracks and travel from once place to another with ease and speed.

You can design those tracks creatively to cross large plains, jump over lava patches and even climb vertical walls. Special tank carts have the ability to carry your liquids too. The TNT cart explodes on collision with a solid wall or you can even set a timed bomb on the cart. Use your imagination to utilize the momentum gained during the motion of the carts.

The basic tool for adjusting the rails is a crowbar, which can be used for various functions, like switching direction of rails and toggling the motion of carts on and off. A special signal system is also provided so as to avoid those head on collisions. The detector blocks can be added adjacent to the railway track at various points, which stop and start the rail carts.

Here are some features of the mod:

• You can link multiple carts in order to create a train
• Launch rails can fling you in the air
• High speed rails can get you from one place to another in no time, provided you don't crash
• For aesthetic pleasure, ancient looking wooden rails have also been introduced
• You can also store all your carts in a single Cart Dispenser
• Advanced memory management allow you to automate work even when you are not physically present there
• A single control point can propel all the carts on the rail in whatever direction you want
• Improved physics have helped to smooth out the drag for carts. So now you can actually propel for longer distances.
• Improved collision system allows you to push other carts

The railway tracks can be placed horizontal on the plane, or be adjusted at an angle with the help of the crowbar. You can even use crossway junctions and switch junctions to decide the direction of your cart.

This mod is officially supported on servers, so it is safe to install this for multiplayer experience.

Installation Steps:

1. Save any file and close minecraft
2. Open the minecraft.jar file with an archiving software
3. Copy all ModLoader files into the .jar file
4. Follow the same with Forge and ModLoaderMP
5. Open the .minecraft/mods folder
6. Copy the RailCraft Mod into this folder