Pheenixm’s Mods Explosives+ for Minecraft


Pheenixm’s Mods Explosives+ for Minecraft

The Explosives+ Mod developed by Pheenixm is a fun mod which contains a plethora of explosive elements for you to have fun with.

Here is the official list of the explosives included in the mod:

• Nuke
• Laser guided airstrikes
• Volcano
• Genesis bomb
• TNT rain
• AC-130
• Suicide vest
• Valkyrie rocket
• Sticky TNT
• BiomeBuster
• Glassing rays
• Napalm
• Meganuke
• Mind control helmet
• Stick of dynamite
• Elephant gun
• Wrench
• Predator missile
• Boom stick
• Hell stick
• Hydrogen bombs

The included wrench can be utilized to tweak explosion size, radius, intensity and other special options of each explosion type.

The list includes a variety of bombs where you can specify the co-ordinates of the target, control other entities, explode them, shoot missiles, explode the terrain, and even scatter entities like trees into their basic elemental blocks.

The Inverter Bomb can de-assemble an entire village, throw all the blocks high up in the sky and them re-assemble them up there. With the help of the Ballistic Missile you can input manual co-ordinates or choose from the GUI to select you target area. The “phase missile” option can be used so that the missile can go through anything in its way and only detonate at the target spot. You can even control certain missiles like the Valkyrie Bomb while it is mid-air and explode it whenever you want to.

One of the favorite explosive is the Genesis Bomb which once detonated, destroys each and every building constructed by you all over the world and sets you back in the time where you'll find only villages and animals around you.

The mod is currently not supported for multiplayer since certain elements, like the mind control helmet or explosive vest is considered as a hack.

How to Install Explosives Plus Mod 1.2.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5

1. Close any running instance of the game.
2. Modloader, Minecraft Forge and ModloaderMP should be downloaded and installed first.
3. Extract the contents of into one folder.
4. Start Minecraft and go to options.
5. In the dialogue box, select “Game location on disk”.
6. Navigate to the bin directory in the file browser.
7. Open minecraft.jar with a suitable compressed file handler.
8. Copy all the extracted components of the into the minecraft.jar file.
9. Finally delete the META-INF folder.
10. Play.